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Flame Arresters, Gas Meters, & Rupture Disks

Wherever fluid media and gases need to be measured, controlled, or regulated, you can use process controls from us. Flame arrestors, gas meters, rupture disks, and other products from our Scarborough, Ontario, company maintain the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

Does your process call for filling, leveling, flowing, pressure control, or temperature control? We have a solution and a uniquely comprehensive range of products to handle it!

Rupture Disks & Explosion Vents
A rupture disk is a metal or graphite pressure relief device engineered to open when a tank receives more pressure that it should. An explosion vent is designed to release on an explosion. Both pieces are vital to maintaining safety on your plant floor.

Tank Devices Include

     Conservation Vents 
     Vapor Recovery Systems
     Specialty Valves
     Gas Blanketing Valves

     Tank Fittings 
     Flame & Detonation Arrestors

Gas Flow Meters Include

     Diaphragm Meters
     Rotary Meters
     Ultrasonic Meters
     Ultrasonic Meter Software
     Laboratory Meters
     Gas Regulation Products
     Turbine Meters
     Sub Metering Equipment
         Services Available

Miscellaneous Products Include

     Solenoid Valves
     Process Valves
     Control Valves

     Sensors, Transmitters,
        & Controllers

Industrial Worker, Rupture Disks in Scarborough, ON

Contact us to request more information about any of our process controls to see if it fits your business' needs.